Life Coaching

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I work with adolescents and adults to help them address issues that keep them stuck and provide solutions to move forward.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is personalized, direct assistance designed to provide motivation, insight, and needed tools to meet your goals.

Why use Dr. Morgan for life coaching?

I am a licensed psychologist with more than 25 years of experience in helping people identify and address problems. I have worked with more than ten thousand clients over the course of my career. I am extremely experienced in helping people work through issues and make positive life changes. The bottom line: I am an expert in the field of behavioral and cognitive change.

What is the difference between mental health therapy and life coaching?

Mental health therapy is typically focused on the past. It is often a long-term process. It is designed for more serious clinical issues and should only be performed by credentialed mental health professionals. Life coaching typically focuses on the present and future. It is usually a short-term process, with the goal to resolve specific issues and create forward movement. To use an example, say you have a flat tire in your car. The “therapy” approach would be to delve into the reasons the tire may have gone flat and how you feel about flat tires. The “life coaching” approach focuses on getting out of the car, changing the tire, and learning to avoid road hazards. (Please bear in mind this is an oversimplified description of differences between the two modalities, but it highlights the main points.)

What is the process of getting life coaching from Dr. Morgan?

Sessions are held either by phone or video conference. Typically, sessions are held once per week, but that frequency could change depending on the needs of the client. The cost is $150.00 for a 45-minute session, or $800.00 for a six-session package.

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